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The web is a very useful resource. Here are some sites we can recommend as starting places for your search for health information:

Northern Health Authority:

This is the official website for the local health authority web resource is very useful for understanding what health services and programs are available in northern BC. You can get very practical information here such as the schedule for the free northern health bus.

First Nations, Inuit & Aboriginal Health at Health Canada:

This website is a very useful resource for anyone wanting to see what Health Canada has to offer for Aboriginal people’s health and well being. It has a history of the Aboriginal health initiatives by the Government of Canada and also has interesting information on the residential schools and data on diseases and conditions that are affecting Aboriginal and Inuit peoples in Canada.

Health Canada:

This web link takes you straight to the main page of Health Canada, a very big site but the first page has the most current information on issues that might be of interests such as food safety alerts (like Listeriosis) and consumer safety warnings. It is worth exploring because of the range of information everything from maps and statistics to food nutrition.

Aboriginal Sexual Health:

This web link takes you to main page for The Aboriginal Health Initiative, which was formed in 1993 in response to the growing recognition of the sexual and reproductive health disparity between Aboriginal people and the rest of Canada.

Seek and Treat for Optimal Prevention of HIV/AIDS:

This web link takes you to main page for the Seek and Treat for Optimal Prevention of HIV/AIDS (STOP). STOP HIV/AIDS, or "Seek and Treat for Optimal Prevention of HIV/AIDS" is a Pilot Project designed to expand access to HIV/AIDS medications among hard-to-reach and vulnerable populations in Vancouver’s Downtown East Side and Prince George, British Columbia.


Important Note:

You can use a search engine like Google or to find sites related to specific diseases.